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Yongwon Kim


Yongwon Kim is an artist who based on installation and utilizes lace and LED lighting in art pieces. Her unusual choice in material allows her to recreate nature in a distinct and enticing way.

She specifically uses lighting to highlight subtle differences; she systematically turns the backlight on and off to portray day and night in her works. Her Main collection is called “Exposure” because she attempts to depict how landscapes continuously shift just as humans routinely change their undergarments. She works with sheer, delicate lace to arouse curiosity and create a shroud of mystery in her works.

Based on the changing view of nature according to the region, time, and society, Yongwon Kim has long explored how we should relate to nature under the crisis of mankind. In particular, as a contemporary artist, Kim tried to reflect the spirit of the age and social meanings reflected in nature in her work. Nature goes beyond simple landscape to humans and is reflected in different forms according to technological development and social change according to the trend of the times. She grew up in the process of rapidly changing from analog to digital, newly embodying the landscape of the East and the West viewed with the artist's eyes through new media and installation. Especially, she has been participating and working in international residency programs, art centers, and museums of arts in various countries since 2012, and has proceeded with diverse projects about the nature she experienced while staying as an immigrant in various directions. Nature and humans coexist together, creating history and culture in the process of infinitely reflecting on each other and forming the meaning of existence. The crisis we face today began with a false view of nature, which viewed the existence of nature only as a tool for the development of mankind, not as a purpose. Therefore, the question of how to view nature is an important point to consider for a sustainable future.

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