Yongwon Kim


Yongwon, Kim is an artist who based on installation and utilizes lingerie and LED lighting in art pieces. Her unusual choice in material allows her to recreate nature in a distinct and enticing way.

She specifically uses lighting to highlight subtle differences; she systematically turns the backlight on and off to portray day and night in her works. Her Main collection is called “Exposure” because she attempts to depict how landscapes continuously shift just as humans routinely change their undergarments. She works with sheer, delicate lace lingerie to arouse curiosity and create a shroud of mystery in her works.



History ~2019

Yongwon Kim started from Gallery Aile in 2013 as affiliated artist and her works has been SOLD OUT since that year. Especially, during her first solo exhibition, there were more than 60% sales. After then, her work has been introduced in Hongkong, Japan, Taipei, China, Europe and Korea where various collectors start to collect her piece.
Also she has been invited and participated on various international residency program from 2015, therefore she goes around the various areas and countries, and talking about story of Shanshui(山水 ; landscape) she thinks in her own way.
Her artworks were usually collected by Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art, Hotel Discover Chiayi, Baroson Hospital, JOIL Architect Company, Kolon Global, KTB Investment &Securities and private collections.