金容沅 (Yongwon Kim)




M.F.A. Sungkuynkwan University, College of Fine Art, Oriental Painting, Seoul, Korea

B.F.A. Sungkuynkwan University, College of Fine Art, Oriental Painting, Seoul, Korea

Graduated from Seoul Art High school, Seoul, Korea





2020  Landscape, the exposure of inner-side _Artifact Gallery, New York

2019  記心山水 (Sansui, The Memory of Inner-side) _Gallery Dos, Seoul

2017  藝術家駐地創作展覽系列 - 映心山水 _Haohaus, Taiwan

2016  山水, 观 - Landscape Sightseeing _Noeli Gallery, Shanghai

2015  Mountain, and Water… to expose  - Boundary line of the Inner side _Gallery Aile, Seoul

2014  Mountain, to expose _Gallery Aile, Seoul


2018  Open Studio [Tokyo : Recording of inner-mind] _AIR3331, Tokyo, Japan

2017  Mountain, and Water, Facing to Boundary _Gallery H - Hyundai Department Store _Seoul, Korea

2015  Mountain, Inner Exposure _Lotte Department Store Prestige Launge - Lotte Gallery _Ilsan, Korea

Group-Exhibition (Selected)

2020  BaekRokDam(The 47th by Professor's Artworks in Department of Fine Arts, College of Art&Design, Jeju National University) _Del            Mundo Roasters _Jeju, Korea

          Seojung New Artist Group exhibition _Seojung Art Center, Seoul, Korea

           墨線展 _SungKyun Gallery _Seoul, Korea

          Showcase _Gallery Aile _Seoul, Korea

          Real and Virtual - on the Border _Suchang Youth Mansion, Daegu, Korea

2019  Parallax Art _Kensington town hall, London, UK

          墨線展 _SungKyun Gallery _Seoul, Korea

2018  Art Zurich _Internationale Kunstmesse in Zurich _Zurich, Swiss

          墨線展 _SungKyun Gallery _Seoul, Korea

           The Rord of 以形寫神 _Hanbyukwon Museum of Art _Seoul, Korea

          Art Formosa _Eslite Taipei _Taipei, Taiwan

          Artists of 100 _Gallery H _Seoul, Korea

           Living, Daily _Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art _Gyeonggi-do, Korea 

2017   White _Gallery Aile _Seoul, Korea

           墨線展 _SungKyun Gallery _Seoul, Korea

           Close to You _Dongduk Art Center _Seoul, Korea

           Young Art Taipei _Sheraton Grand Taipei _Taipei, Taiwan

           United of Korea - Korea Artist Project _Gallery Aile, Seoul           

           Asia Contemporary Art Show _Conrad Hong Kong _Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2016  The First Flap _Gallery Aile _Seoul, Korea 

           墨線展 _SungKyun Gallery _Seoul, Korea

           夏日缤纷 (Summer Palette) _Noeli Gallery _Shanghai, China

           ART BUSAN _Bexco _Busan, Korea

           Showcase _Gallery Aile _Seoul, Korea 

           Affordable Art Fair _Hong Kong Convention Center _Hong Kong, Hong Kong

           Build up! _Shin Museum of Art _Cheong-ju, Korea

           Asia Contemporary Art Show _Conrad Hong Kong _Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2015  Deagu Art Fair / Exco, Korea

           Sangjungmosack(The Grop for the Middle of Shape)(狀中摸索) _Woosuk Gallery _Seoul, Korea

           Open Studio  _Can serrat International Art Center _Barcelona, Spain

           ART BUSAN _Bexco _Busan, Korea

           Showcase _Gallery Aile _Seoul, Korea

           The 44th Hooso-heui Young Artist Exhibition _Hangaram Museum of Art – Seoul Art Center _Seoul, Korea

           Asia Contemporary Art Show _Conrad Hong Kong _Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2014  Daegu International Art Fair _EXCO _Deagu, Korea

           ART OSAKA _Granvia Osaka _Osaka, Japan

           A Dream of Snail – Amang Magazine Project _Hello Museum _Seoul, Korea

           Mountain, Water, Wind, and Fan _Gallery Aile _Seoul, Korea

           Busan International Gallary Art Fair (BAMA) _BEXCO _Busan, Korea

           Asia Contemporary Art Show _Conrad Hong Kong _Hong Kong, Hong Kong

           A Month and A Half _SungKyun Gallery _Seoul, Korea

           The 43th Hooso-heui Young Artist Exhibition _Gallery La Mer _Seoul, Korea

           Consciousness of Expression of Oriental Painting and the Spirit of the Period _Hanwon Museum of Art _Seoul, Korea

           The 2nd Looking at the Furture _Gallery Aile _Seoul, Korea

2013  BLANC BLEU Hotel Art Fair _Grand ambassador Seoul _Seoul, Korea

           Young Artist Double exhibition _Gallery café ‘Shall we’ _Seoul, Korea

           The Art – Eternal Light _Hangaram Museum of Art – Seoul Art Center _Seoul, Korea

           Exhibition of Excellent Artist in University of the National _Young Art Gallery _Seoul, Korea


2021  Shangyuan Art Museum International Residency Program _Shangyuan Art Museum _Beijing, China

2018  Arts Chiyoda AIR 3331 Program - Supported Full Fellowship by Arts Council Korea(ARKO) _Arts Chiyoda _Tokyo, Japan

2017  Chiayi Cultural & Creative Industries Park Artist in Residency – Invited Full fellowship _ 嘉義文化創意產業園區_Chiayi, Taiwan

2016  HAOHAUS AIR Program – Invited Full fellowship _HAOHAUS _Hsinchu, Taiwan

2015  Can Serrat Art International Residency Support Stipend _Can Serrat International Art Center _Barcelona, Spain

Award and Grant

2020  The 13th Shangyuan Art Museum International Artist, Shangyuan Art Museum, Beijing, China   

2018  Grant for International residency, Arts Council of  Korea, Korea

2016  Y&Y Artist Project, Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea

           The Young Artist of Shin Museum of Art, Shin Museum of Art, Cheong-ju, Korea


LG Smart World - Artist Collection : wallpaper

Display & Collection

Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art, Chiayi Cultural & Creative Industries Park, Discover Hotel, Kolon Global, KTB Investment & Securities, Barosun Hospital, JOIL Architectural Service Group, Privite collection

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Artist Atelier : 24-302 hyosung village, 69-1 banpo4-dong, seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea


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